About Us

Management Profiles

Rusty Harlow is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee and has twenty years of experience in the business community in a leadership and managerial position. In this industry, he has obtained and finely crafted his skills of financial analysis, business management, market analysis and human terrain knowledge. This includes the astute ability to identify, develop, and maintain connections and sources from a diverse environment. He believes in responsibility, professionalism, and honesty. He thrives on innovative thinking and maintains quality and integrity in every aspect of his life.

What Makes Us Different?

Our business utilizes practices based on flexible strategy management systems. The SMS inherently reflects and combines the respective skill of both founding members because it is built to combine competitive business strategy with adaptive investigations and intelligence strategy.

Our team will do this through the focused implementation of daily, and weekly performance sessions that assess goals, objectives and training versus outcomes and action. Adaptive measures consistently emphasized will align short and long term goals. while balancing the ability to address daily occurrences and decision-making in gathering, and compiling report information regarding individuals or organizations to our clients. Additionally, the use of strategy management will further allow us to detect occurrences of unlawful acts or infractions of rules in private establishment. It also provides a means for executing and reviewing strategy in the corporate sector. This system includes strategic shifts used to achieve changing goals giving us an advantage by formally defining, communicating, and executing this strategy assessment.

Utilizing both deliberate and emergent strategies, we will establish our requirements, and consistently evaluate how our actions meet those objectives daily, monthly, and annually. We will simultaneously have a system that allows for flexibility in growth should we need to change focus to meet the vision of the business. Our team will design and apply these concepts while identifying critical risks that need to be mitigated and potential opportunities that should be exploited to keep the investigations on track.

Our human resources goal is to build a company of leaders, and role models. This is done when people within the organization are free to utilize their own critical thinking skills, evaluate, and contribute knowledge, ideas, and constructive criticism to the company’s vision and plan.

As a company that mentors future leaders, we will also be more readily able to adapt to future uncertainties by embracing the input and perspective of all experience levels within the organization. We create leaders, not followers, and the means of accomplishing this is through a learning environment built on growth and innovation.

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