Domestic Investigations

Domestic Surveillance: Through the use of video and photographic images, our investigators will provide to you timely and accurate information that will give you insight as to what goes on in or around your property. The use of surveillance is beneficial to you because it can catch recurrent acts of vandalism, theft, or other malicious activities. It also assists in cases that are used to answer questions of infidelity

Background Checks on Repairmen, and Contractors: King's Gambit Investigators perform thorough and accurate background checks on persons who will be working in your home or around the property.

This includes: repairmen, contractors, and persons such as nannies, home-health care workers, and baby-sitters. The results from such checks may yield results that include prior criminal history, negligence, improper conduct or other behaviors that could impact your decision about a person's trustworthiness.

Background Checks on Tenants: If you have anyone who will be renting a space in your home, we will conduct a precise and accurate background check on this person to help you feel safe and secure

Drug abuse investigations: If you have loved ones in your home that you believe are taking drugs, our investigators will discreetly investigate and produce evidence of drug abuse. Our goal here is to help you. We understand that this topic is very sensitive and we will provide you with the information that you need so that you are able to help your loved one.

Infidelity Investigations: Many times, when couples drift apart, there are questions left unanswered, and we tend to have no resolution. If you believe you can find that resolution and those answers so you can have closure on a painful situation, than we will support that. Our part in this type of investigation is to seek out certain information for you, whether you are in a relationship or married. If you believe that a significant other is being unfaithful, ask yourself if the situation can be resolved between the two of you, if there is still love and trust, or if you would like a third party involved.

Other services also include Counter-Surveillance and GPS Tracking