King's Gambit Investigations & Intelligence Services LLC

King's Gambit, owned by Rusty Harlow is a security agency in Knoxville, Tennessee, that conducts investigation services for corporations, Family, and government contractors. With more than 20 years of professional experience serving our community, we perform comprehensive investigations and background checks. The cost of our services depends on your needs and varies for each investigation.

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Domestic Services

Through the use of video and photographic images, our investigators will provide to you timely and accurate information that will give you insight as to what goes on in or around your property. Learn More

Legal Investigations

King's Gambit performs meticulous legal investigations for businesses and government agencies. If you suspect insurance fraud or other legal issues, let us perform an assertive investigation. Learn More

Corporate Investigation

Our Corporate Due Diligence Investigations include:
  • Company Ownership
  • History of Company Performance
  • Customers & Vendors
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King’s Gambit News

The history of private investigators in the United States originates with Allan Pinkerton. The term, “private eyes,” got it’s start, with his company slogan, “we never sleep.” Pinkerton’s agents were famous for tracking western outlaws Jesse James, the Reno brothers, and Butch Cassidy and the  Sundance Kid. Allan Pinkerton originally immigrated to this country in 1843. By 1850, […]
In general, there are many stereotypes about the field of private investigations. Many of these notions come from the movies, social media, and from books. While these views are entertaining, in many respects, they’re also far from true. Here are are some of the most common myths people have about what it’s like to be […]