Expedient and Results-Driven Legal, Background, and Fraud Investigations

When it comes to issues such as insurance fraud, King's Gambit is the best choice for legal investigations. We offer a variety of investigative services for commercial businesses and law firms within Knoxville, Tennessee.

Legal Investigations

King's Gambit Investigations is committed to timely and accurate information for legal professionals. We maintain strategic flexibility in our support of legal investigations for law firms, businesses, and insurance companies. We support and collaborate with both clients and firms in scrutinizing every facet of a situation and rely on trained research, subrosa surveillance, and interviewing techniques for utilizing both proprietary databases and public databases. Our process relies on identifying investigation requirements, developing new sources of information (including witnesses or informants), planning, direction, collection, and evaluation of information.

Legal Investigations

Our services include:

Witness location or address verification

Background Checks


Preparation of investigative reports

Record searches

Protected class fact-finding investigations (Both Federal and State law govern discrimination against disability, age, or race. Many times, within internal investigations, issues of neutrality arise and so it becomes prudent to hire an outside investigator to assess the situation).

We also perform identity and property locate service (skip tracing and vehicle ownership) for difficult to track defendants or key witnesses.

Our methods are versatile and allow for strategic shifts and adaptability throughout the process of intelligence gathering and interviewing while also adhering to state and to federal law.

Our Corporate Due Diligence Investigations include:

  • Company Ownership
  • History of Company Performance
  • Customers & Vendors
  • Previous or Pending Criminal or Civil Violations
    • Personal or business relationships with at risk or nefarious individuals, businesses, or governments; including those criminal in nature or economically unstable.

Our employee risk management services include:

  • Mystery shopper services: this form of competitive business investigation enables companies and managers to verify the honesty and integrity of their personnel and service.
  • Misrepresentation in resumes or other professional experience: Our investigators utilize all source intelligence techniques and practices to detect and to locate potential exaggerations or fictitious dates in an applicant's or employee's professional resume or qualifications.
  • Undisclosed civil or criminal adverse employment actions: We provide employers with thorough background checks on applicants and employees, which also verifies the accuracy of disclosed information to the employer and reveals undisclosed or potentially harmful information that the employer may withhold.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud is extremely common and is considered to be the most common form of fraud after tax evasion. Insurance fraud includes countless types of claims including workman's comp claims, automobile claims, and many others. For insurance companies, fraudulent claims are not only wrong, they are also exceedingly expensive. This type of fraud hurts both the companies as well as the consumers because it skews the algorithms that the companies utilize to calculate risk; as a result, insurance premiums rise for the consumers.

Our skilled subrosa surveillance experts are trained to assess environment factors surrounding potential fraud and utilize creativity, timing, and previous training in skip tracing and interviewing techniques skill to maintain a consistent position of control while also maintaining control of the situation. In each scenario, we utilize a specific strategy based on the given situation and deliver thorough, ethical, and honest results to our clients.

Workmen's Compensation Fraud

Workers compensation fraud usually occurs when an employee presents false information in an attempt to subvert and manipulate their employer for their own advantage or monetary gain.

Our investigators work with companies or employers to thwart potential situations that involve an employee's abuse of the work environment including fraudulent claims. We support companies through our trained Subrosa surveillance and interviewing methods of company supervisors, or peers and in our investigative analytic techniques that mine proprietary and other strategic databases. These techniques also include social media sources that may further support potentially fraudulent claim investigations. Companies are able to effectively refute cases of workman's comp claims with our concise and professional methods.

King's Gambit Investigators also conduct Accident Investigations through the use of photographic documentation, interviews, and the use of strategic media tools: we determine cause and effect of automotive claims, including hit and run accidents and personal injury. We are skilled at elicitation and various types of interviews, including evidence documentation, and understand how to make others feel comfortable and calm especially in difficult or high anxiety situations.

Contact us when you want to perform an investigation to discuss your case of insurance fraud or other legal issue.