About Our Company

King’s Gambit Investigations and Intelligence Services owned and operated by Rusty Harlow was founded on the idea of helping the local community and enjoy doing it! From personal experiences along the way Rusty has come to embrace the fact that most people have to work these days and don’t have the time or the ability to know the truth. The Unknown can change the course of your life in many ways. If you do know, then the decisions become more clear. “King’s Gambit” Is by definition an opening Chess move, where in the opening looks to be a harmless blunder where in fact its strategy of position can win the game. Knowledge is power and King’s Gambit can help gather that knowledge for your peace of mind. King’s Gambit Investigations provides high quality professional investigations to individuals and to entities in the legal, personal and government realm. Rusty Harlow’s experience comes from both a Skip Tracing Background as well as a Human behavioral experience that merged into the field of private investigations.

Factors such as integrity, competency, and responsibility in each respective facet of this field are crucial in order to build and sustain client trust. It is with this combination, our clients will be able to soundly trust our knowledge and understanding of both the business realm as well as the personal investigations confidentiality.